Weight Problems?
Introducing G415A Portable WIM - Scale System
WIM (weigh-in-motion) is the top technology in weighing field. Our company has
long been engaged in logistics solutions, sales and promotion of the axle load
WIM system.
Since 2008 we introduced this item in our portfolio because is a high reliability
and precision in WIM, that it gained the acceptance of most customers. And also
our company is one of the few firms who supply it, G415A scale is more reliable
and more precise than any other device. Can be used in portable vehicle scales
and other axle load WIM systems.

- Excellent weighing function and high precision;
- Backlight lattice LCD, Clear both in daytime and
- Can conveniently input full vehicle license
number with letters
- Can put in the name of the testing organization
and operators
- Built-in high speed printer to print the whole
testing report form;
- Can store as many as 1300 vehicle testing
- mature inquiry and statistic function;
- AC/DC, real time battery capacity indicating.
The battery can be used for 40 hours
on end. Automatic shut off
- The auto power supply system can be used for
providing electricity and charging
- The instrument can work independently. And it
also can upload testing data to
Main Technical Index

- Full-scale temperature coefficient: 5ppm/℃
- Inner resolution: 24 bits
- Sampling speed: 200 times/sec
- The speed of display renewal: 12.5times/sec
- System non-linearity <0.01%
- Impulse source of sensor: DC 5V±2%
- Operating temperature range: 0℃--40℃

1 Pad / 35 Tons Max Capacity
1 indicator / With Printer
One year
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