This is SmartDry
   Dryer + UV Technology = SmartDry

SmartDry cares of your delicate and expensive clothes, a regular clean process
expose your clothes to hard G force cycles inside of a washing machine or a
dryer drum, making lose form and color to your garments.

The world is looking for a better life quality, your family and business needs
special care, an environment free of mites and bacterias,
SmartDry  is a device
developed to protect the persons that you loves.

Avoid bad smells and uncomfortable moments, your clothes will join a sweet
SmartDry involve ceramics into the heating process making your
clothes fresh and giving it a comfortable and warmly feeling, try
- All specifications are subject to change without  prior notice
- This model only in Hong Kong available
- To get more information about accessories please go to Download center and get the SmartDry accessories catalog
- SmartDry is a G4 Trademark
Do you still dry your clothes using a rope?
             Crazy Weather?

       Bad Smells?

           Uncomfortable Moments?
Try SmartDry!

- Digital Control Panel (Top - Bottom)

- Power: 1200W

- Capacity: 6 - 10 Pounds

- Meas: 48X40X86Cm

- Desinfection System: UV Lamp

- VFD Drying System

- Internal Temperature: 55 C
Don't lose your favourite clothes
using a regular dryer

98% Free Mites and Bacteria's

SmartDry Care the skin of your babies

Easy to install and place on any small space
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